Simple Parental Control App for iPhone and iPad

Setting up Parental Control on your iOS devices has never been easier. Before you hand your iPhone or iPad over to your children download the Parental Control App and activate it from the Settings menu. Watch the video tutorial to see how simple it is to keep your children from accidentally (or not!) pulling up an adult site.

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We are not claiming that we have blocked off all adult content. We would like to think that this is a work in progress and I invite you to drop in a line with your suggested sites to block and we will make every attempt to include them in our future releases.

As we continue to receive positive feedback like the ones below, it keeps us motivated on making this App more and more useful. So, if you can spend a couple of minutes to put in a good word on the Appstore reviews that will be super appreciated.

"An app that should be on every kids iphone placed by thier parents, i have placed on my kids phone and it really works well ..."

"Finally I can have peace of mind knowing my kids are browsing safely. Great job ... One more thing to check off a mom's ever growing list of "to do" things."

Additionally, this App blocks Ads and user tracking and gives you and your family a simple browsing experience.